Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bihar News, Latest News from Bihar, News of Bihar, Biharprabha News

Bihar News, Latest News from Bihar, News of Bihar, Biharprabha News

JISM 2 to collect over 35 Crores in coming weeks

Posted: 04 Aug 2012 07:27 AM PDT

JISM 2 Hot ScenesIndo Canadian Starlet Sunny Leone’s debut Movie JISM 2 had a bumper opening at Box Offices. On the first day it was able to collect over Rs 7 Crores nett.

The Erotic Thriller with a small budget of Rs 6 Crores was profitable from Day 1 and it is likely that the Film would be able to collect over 35-40 Crores in coming days

The film has done very well all over and even areas not expected to that well like Delhi and Punjab have scored with good collections. The collections in Delhi/UP may come in around the 1.50 crore nett mark which is considering the Ramzan period.

In many circles it bypassed the last week released movie Kya Super Cool hein hum. The film had done well on the Thursday paid previews and has started on a solid note on Friday morning.

It is likely the film will not show much growth over the weekend but with such opening day collections even if its stays around its opening day mark for three days it will be a huge weekend.

Former Gujarat CM to float a new Party, quits BJP

Posted: 04 Aug 2012 07:14 AM PDT

Former Gujarat CM Keshubhai Patel and a rival of Narendra Modi has quit Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today and is expected to announce the formation of a new party.

Announcing his decision at a press conference in Gandhinagar, Patel said everyone is unhappy with the way the BJP was functioning in Gujarat. “People are unhappy with the government of Narendra Modi. No one listens to the common people, there is no sympathy for them.”

Patel and former union minister Kanshiram Rana sent in their resignation letters to the party high command. Earlier, Patel held a meeting with Rana and another former Gujarat chief minister, Suresh Mehta, at his residence.

“Kanshiram Rana and I, who have served the party for the last 60 years, are very sad to send our resignations, from the party that we have nurtured here, to party president Nitin Gadkari. We are not switching the party but we are going to form the real BJP,” Keshubhai said.

“BJP has not remained the real BJP which we had formed by working for the last 50 years. This party has become a one- man party and gone far away from its principals,” Keshubhai said, targeting Modi.

“I will tomorrow announce the formation of our new party,” he added.

“The present BJP has gone miles away from democracy and has become insensitive towards the people,” Keshubhai said.

Patel, who has a large following in the Saurashtra region of the state, is expected to announce a new party Sunday.

Patel has been increasingly critical of Narendra Modi of late.

Woman Calls Police after a Waitress tells her Smelly

Posted: 04 Aug 2012 07:10 AM PDT

A 61-year-old British woman called police after she felt insulted when a waitress at a cafe told her she had body odour.

June Morris said it was a “verbal assault” when the waitress at a cafe in Blackwood, South Wales called her smelly, the Daily Mail reported.

“I couldn’t believe it. I don’t smell. I was always taught by my mum and dad to keep myself clean,” Morris said.

She said she was informed that the waitress made the derogatory comment as she walked past.

When the waitress returned, Morris confronted her.

“She repeated that I smelled. I couldn’t believe it! I went up to the manager to complain but he said she was only joking and just laughed it off. But I didn’t find it very funny at all when it was in a cafe full of people. I took great offence – and I decided to report it to police immediately,” she said.

The cafe owner apologised, saying it was “friendly banter” and that the affair was a complete misunderstanding.

West Bengal School Teacher arrested for stripping a Class 12 Girl

Posted: 04 Aug 2012 06:48 AM PDT

 Two West Bengal School Teachers  were arrested today after a Girl complanied against them for strip-searching her.   The incident happened on Friday in Birbhum District, when a class 12 Girl was accused of Theft.

The student was strip-searched by the teachers in order to find some antique coins which went missing from the school. The girl student repeatedly pleaded innocence but the teachers paid no heed to her. The incident happened on Friday and a case was registered.

“Two teachers who were named in the FIR were arrested yesterday (Friday) only,” said Birbhum police chief Rishikesh Meena.

Last month also, a west Bengal Shool Girl was stripped in  front of whole class  and teachers were arrested when Girl’s parents lodged an FIR

Famous Kanheri Caves chosen as part of Clean India Campaign

Posted: 04 Aug 2012 05:02 AM PDT

Famous Kanheri Caves in Mumbai have been included in Tourism Ministry Clean India  Campaign which enlists 10 famous monuments for  the purpose of cleaning. Kanheri Caves are 2100 years old.

The monuments, being maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, will be adopted by various hotel management institutes, public sector undertakings and private companies for upkeep.

The Quality Council of India will evaluate the level of cleanliness in the monuments and classify them as average, good, very good and excellent, before they are given for adoption.

Based on the classification, the ministry will extend awards and citation to the adopters.

Kanheri Caves is a complex of 109 rock cut and carved caves in Borivali in Mumbai.

There is a congregation hall with stone pillars and a Buddhist stupa, an ancient water system with canals and cisterns which channelled rainwater into underground storage tanks.

Gradually, as the caves became permanent monasteries, intricate reliefs and Bodhisattvas were carved besides paintings on the walls and ceilings, similar to the Elephanta Islands, off the coast of Mumbai.

By the 3rd century AD, Kanheri had become an important Buddhist settlement on Konkan coast and was a university under the Mauryan and Kushan empires, attracting students from far and wide.

Today, the caves attract domestic and foreign tourists but are short of adequate public amenities, including regular transportation since they are located deep inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

The other monuments on the list are Golkonda Fort in Andhra Pradesh, St. Francis Assisi Church Complex in Goa, Gwalior Fort in Madhya Pradesh, Megalithic Bridge in Meghalaya, Red Fort in New Delhi, temples in Odisha, Bhatinda Fort in Punjab, Mamallapuram monuments in Tamil Nadu and Imambara in Uttar Pradesh.

SC warns Police to implement No Black Glass Policy on Cars

Posted: 03 Aug 2012 11:59 PM PDT

Supreme Court has warned Police Chiefs of all Indian States that its orders regarding No Black Screen on Cars should be strictly complied else Police would be penalized. No material, including films of any VLT, be put on the safety glasses of any vehicle.

“All the director generals of police/commissioners of police are hereby again directed to ensure complete compliance of the judgment of this court in its true spirit and substance. They shall not permit pasting of any material, including films of any VLT (visual light transmission), on the safety glasses of any vehicle,” directed the bench of Justice Swatanter Kumar and Justice A.K. Patnaik.

Pronouncing the order, Justice Swatanter Kumar said: “We reiterate that the police authorities shall not only challan the offenders but ensure that the black or any other films or material pasted on the safety glasses are removed forthwith.”

Pointing out that as of now it was not initiating any proceedings against any of the heads of the police forces in the states and union territories, the court in a candid warning said: “In the event of non-compliance, the court shall be compelled to take appropriate action under the provisions of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 without any further notice to the said officers.”

Directing that the copies of its judgment be sent to all the concerned, including chief secretaries of all states, the court said: “We do express a pious hope that the high responsible officers of the police cadre like director general/commissioner of police would not permit such a situation to arise and would now ensure compliance of the judgment without default, demur and delay.”

The court’s order came as it dismissed a batch of applications filed by the dealers and distributors of tinted films for clarification and modification of its April 27, 2012 order banning the pasting of films of any VLT on the safety glasses of the vehicles.

While dismissing the applications, the court said that the grounds raised to demonstrate that some other interpretation of the Rule 100 of Motor Vehicles Rules was possible were not a ground of law.

The order said that grounds raised are primarily are the pleas of inconvenience.

“Enforcement of law, if causes any inconvenience, is no ground for rendering a provision on the statute book to be unenforceable,” the court ruled.

It further held that the challenge to the legislative act can be raised on very limited grounds and certainly not the ones raised in the present application.

The court by its April 27 order, while interpreting the Rule 100 of the Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, had said: “Rule does not permit use of any other material except the safety glass ‘manufactured as per the requirements of law’.”

It held that Rule 100 categorically states that ‘safety glass’ is the glass which is to be manufactured as per the specification and requirements of explanation to Rule 100(1).

Judicial Accountability Bill to introduce reliability in impeachment of judges

Posted: 03 Aug 2012 11:47 PM PDT

New Judicial Accountability Bill 2012, would help in curbing corruption cases against judiciary and lead to a logical conclusion of all impeachment proceedings.

Law Minister Salman Khurshid Friday said the Judicial Accountability Bill (JAB) would provide that once impeachment proceedings are initiated against an errant judge, they are taken to their logical conclusion.

Speaking to reporters, Khurshid said: “There is something like this in the Judges Accountability Bill. It is a little sophisticated. Impeachment proceeding should be taken to its logical conclusion is provided for in it.”

This provision in the JAB assumes significance after Justice Soumitra Sen and Justice P.D. Dinakaran frustrated their impeachment by resigning mid-way.

To a query, Khurshid said nominated Rajya Sabha member H.K. Dua had given notice for the bill to amend the constitution by which a judge facing impeachment proceedings could not abort it by resigning.

Under the existing provision of the constitution, resignation by a judge becomes effective the moment it is submitted.

Dua’s proposed constitutional amendment makes the resignation of a judge subject to its acceptance by the president.

Khurshid said the government wanted to affect a constitutional amendment to provide for Judges Appointment Commission (JAC) to replace the existing system of appointing the judges by a collegium of five senior-most judges of the Supreme Court.

The collegium system that was put in place by a judgment of the apex court and could be put to rest by seeking its reviewing but government is taking the route of amending the constitution.

“The government feels that it should be done through a constitutional amendment,” the minister said.

The broad-based JAC would include judges, chief ministers (in case of appointment to high courts) and other eminent people.

The JAC, Khurshid said, would be a permanent institution independent of the government and with its secretariat.

Pointing to constitutional amendment, he said that “how it is possible, it is being looked into. Constitutional amendment is required.”

Khurshid said the standoff between human resource development ministry and the Bar Council of India had been resolved with the bar retaining the power of the controlling the law degrees that paved the way for advocates to practice in the court.

Under the settlement, the ministry would have its hold over degrees concerning law and other disciplines of studies including maths, physics, environment and health.

These studies would come under the umbrella of education regulator as envisaged by the ministry.

Indian American Surgeon brings Titanium Heart to India

Posted: 03 Aug 2012 11:42 PM PDT

An Indian American Cardiologist and Surgeon, Dr Mukesh Hariawala is all set to introduce a Triple heart therapy, which would be a cheap alternative to Bypass Surgery, something not everyone can afford.

Harvard trained Boston based Hariawala will receive “India’s Most Admired Surgeon 2012″ award for pioneering work on angiogenesis or growth of new blood vessels to aid healing, at the Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit, organised by healthcare magazine Pharmaleaders, in Mumbai on Sep 21.

“I am pleased that cutting edge Angiogenesis Therapy will help the non affording poor patients with heart disease in my motherland India and rest of the world, thus reducing the global economic burden of healthcare,” Hariawala told IANS.

“Hariawala is the first NRI Surgeon to be honoured with this prestigious award for pioneering work on Angiogenesis that will revolutionise treatment of heart disease globally and save millions of lives,” said award committee chairman Satya Brahma, editor-in-chief of Pharmaleaders magazine.

Hariawala, who has done pioneering work in Angiogenesis research at Harvard in Boston, said Triple Heart Therapy” involves spontaneous development of new blood vessels in the heart by laser stimulation and subsequent injection of patient’s own stem cells harvested from bone marrow.

This “would be the future treatment of heart disease which is expected to save millions of lives worldwide,” said Hariawala calling “It a natural bypass to bypass surgery.”

“I want to see a vibrant and aggressive government policy where India’s monetary resources are better utilised towards rural development and raising the standards of living for all Indians,” he said.

Hariawala, who holds a special honorary visiting cardiac surgeon appointment at Mumbai’s Jaslok Hospital, also plans to bring to India next year the artificial Titanium Heart or Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) implant that can play the role of a supplementary heart.

Powered by lithium ion battery, it can play the role of a bridge till a transplant heart is available as was in the case of former US Vice President Dick Cheney.

Hariawala, who himself has not played any research role in development of this device and is only responsible for taking the technology to India, hopes to get regulatory approvals in India by 2013.

The current FDA approved devices in US and Europe cost about $100,000, excluding expenses for surgery.

The price point for India is not established but is expected to be high initially, he said. But competition is expected to reduce the price in the long term as six US companies currently manufacture the device.

In India it will be offered not as a bridge to transplantation but a permanent solution also called “destination therapy,” he said.

Illegal Arms and Ammunition recovered in Jammu and Kashmir

Posted: 03 Aug 2012 11:35 PM PDT

Indian Army and Kashmir Police have recovered a cache of arms and ammunition from a remote mountainous forest area in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch district.

Security forces, including the army and Jammu and Kashmir police, recovered the cache of arms and ammunition as well as some incriminating documents late Friday.

Based on intelligence inputs, an operation was launched in Salwah forest of Poonch district, about 240 km north west of Jammu, an army spokesperson told IANS Saturday.

“The security columns recovered a cache of arms and ammunition including an AK 47 with 160 rounds of ammunition and 12 magazines of AK 47 series weapons. Troops also recovered a Pakistan SIM card and certain transcripts in Urdu issued by Lashkar-e-Taiba,” said the spokesperson.

“This recovery of arms and ammunition is big set back to the terrorists trying to consolidate in the area,” he added.

The combing operations are still on.

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