Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bihar News, Latest News from Bihar, News of Bihar, Biharprabha News

Bihar News, Latest News from Bihar, News of Bihar, Biharprabha News

Grooms in Bihar to get Police escorts

Posted: 25 May 2011 04:06 AM PDT

Patna: Authorities in Bihar will grant prospective grooms with police escorts to their weddings, following a growing number of complaints in which close to 1,000 marriage ceremonies were badly disrupted and had to be rescheduled owing to slow-moving traffic last month.

Authorities said they had been moved after realising that several grooms and their families had reached their wedding venues quite late — sometimes, even after guests had already left the venue.

All the incidents had occurred after the concerned parties had encountered severe traffic jams, which have now become the order of the day in the capital of Patna and its surrounding neighbourhoods.

Officials said the state’s police, in collaboration with traffic police, would now keep records of the dates of marriages, before visiting the local community halls, or other locations where the weddings will be held, in order to plan how traffic will move on the big day.

After getting the full details of the weddings from the families of the grooms, police will then make special traffic arrangements along the busy main roads, state highways or national highways to ensure the grooms and their marriage processions reach the wedding venues on time.

Officials said additional police forces would also be deployed along the identified routes to ensure other motorists do not intrude and thus disturb the marriage processions.

Special instructions

“We have issued special instructions to all the police stations in the city and have asked them to make exclusive traffic arrangements to help the grooms and the other wedding party members reach the wedding venue [at the time the event is supposed to start,” Shivadeep Lande, Patna’s superintendent of police, told Gulf News yesterday.

“This is just a token of support from our side.”

He said police will divert heavy traffic on the big day to ensure grooms reach the venue without having any bitter memories of their wedding day. This is the first time in the state such efforts have been initiated by the police.

Of late, traffic jams have become the order of the day in Patna and even in suburban areas.

The situation has been aggravated by an increasing number of vehicles sold in recent years, owing to improved road conditions across the state.

An official report said vehicle sales in Bihar increased from around 80,000 in between 2005 and 2006 to 310,000 in 2009-10, an increase of around 400 per cent over the last five years presided over by the Nitish Kumar government in the state


Super 30 shines again, 80 percent students clear IITJEE

Posted: 25 May 2011 01:11 AM PDT

PATNA Twenty-four students from underprivileged sections, of the total 30, have this time made it to the IIT-JEE from the ‘Super-30′ founded by mathematics wizard Anand Kumar.

With this the total number of Super 30 students, having qualified for the IIT-JEE in the last nine years, have gone upto 236, Kumar told PTI today.

Be it the ward of a roadside vendor, mobile mechanic, marginal farmer or truck driver and Group IV employee, all managed to successfully crack the IIT-JEE barrier, under the expert guidance of Anand and his dedicated team.

The fabled Super 30 is an institution, having featured in different prominent world publications as the unique Indian experiment, where Anand Kumar grooms 30 poor but talented students after screening for nearly one year with free coaching, accomodation and food.

Not taking any financial help from the government or any organisation, Anand supports Super 30 from what he earns from his tuition centre.

For Kanwar Barister Singh from village Gairwar in Jaunpur, it was his second attempt at the IIT-JEE.

Away from his village for nearly a year, he was overwhelmed by emotions when he saw his result on the computer monitor at Anand’s house in a modest locality of Meethapur in Patna.

And there are many like Kanwar with some from Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, but all having taken their examination from Patna.

“We were lucky to be here and we did not want to waste much time. It was like a family, where we the 30 students ate, slept and studied together,” said Ayush Agrawal, whose father died two years ago.

Among others from Bihar, basking in the IIT-JEE glory, courtesy Super30, are Abhay Kumar from East Champaran, whose father is a clerk in an un-aided school.

He credited the atmosphere at Super 30 and the innovative teaching style of Kumar which he will not forget.

“I and my sister used to give tuition to small students to sustain the family, before I got selected for Super 30. My mother must be happier than me,” he said.

After engineering, Kumar plans to sit for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) to help poor students like him.

A satisfied Anand said “the smiles on their faces is my biggest award. But I feel bad for the six who could not crack the barrier.”

Incidentally, everytime in the past three years all the 30 students of a single batch had qualified for the IIT-JEE.

The innovative Super-30 experiment has already got wide coverage in the global media with Time and Newsweek magazines having run extensive features as well as publications from China, France and Japan.

Bihar expecting huge litchi output this time

Posted: 25 May 2011 01:06 AM PDT

MOTIHARI: Hailstorms accompanied by heavy rain during the last three weeks notwithstanding, the East Champaran district is expecting bumper litchi fruits this season.

Although this year mango trees bore little fruits due to a lean year, the loss is likely to be compensated with bumper juicy Shahi, China and Bedana litchis and its plucking will start from Tuesday. Hundreds of litchi dealers from Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Varanasi, Nepal and other places are camping at Motihari.

District horticulture officer (DHO), East Champaran, Jairam Pal said the district has, of late, emerged the largest litchi producing district in the state and the total area under litchi cultivation in the district is about 13,000 hectares.

He expects 1.80 lakh MT litchi production in the district this season. Agriculture production commissioner A K Sinha said the litchi yield this year will be good. National Litchi Research Centre, ICAR , New Delhi, director Vishal Nath said, “We are expecting 28 per cent more litchi production this year in Bihar compared to last year when the yield was 2.25 lakh MT.”

Pal said a joint meeting of the National Horticulture Mission and National Horticulture Board held recently at Patna resolved to give a brand name to the litchi of East Champaran, which has become the largest producer of litchi in the state. An ambitious plan has been conceived by the state government for the promotion of litchi.

The Mission has also decided to provide infrastructure like pre-cooling, pre-modified atmospheric packaging, grading and sorting of the produce and cool management facilities. Some senior officials regretted that in the absence of proper marketing and infrastructure, the litchi growers are biggest sufferer. Actually, the middlemen are earning more than farmers as far as litchi business is concerned in Bihar, they felt.

Chief minister Nitish Kumar is expected to inaugurate a three-day Litchipuram Utsav at Mehasi on June 4, according to Utsav spokesperson Sudist Thakur. The CM had participated at this Utsav in 2008 at Mehasi.