Friday, 20 July 2012

Bihar News, Latest News from Bihar, News of Bihar, Biharprabha News

Bihar News, Latest News from Bihar, News of Bihar, Biharprabha News

Satrughan Sinha is fine says daughter Sonakshi

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 07:30 PM PDT

Bollywood Actor Saturghan Sinha who underwent Bypass Surgery is fine now according to daughter Sonakshi Sinha. Sinha, admitted at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, has been shifted to a private room from the ICU now, Sonakshi said at a promotional event of her upcoming film “Joker”.

Sonakshi also said that her father will be very proud of the “hard work” she has put into the promotion of her film.

“The promotions are not getting affected in any way, in fact, they are going on very smoothly. My dad will be proud of our good work. He is fine, that is all I can say,” she said.

Directed by Shirish Kunder, “Joker” also stars Akshay Kumar.

After being a part of Rs.100 crore blockbusters like “Dabangg” and “Rowdy Rathore”, the actress said she chose “Joker” because of the uniqueness of the script.

“Our film’s uniqueness is our USP. I like sci-fi books and movies. I found the script very interesting and such a genre has not been attempted before. It was a very different experience for me,” she said.

Praising her team, the actress said that “Joker” was a culmination of the collective efforts put in by the director and the team.

“This is the collective effort of so many talented people. The movie is all thanks to their hardwork,” she said.

No Ragging at Delhi University this time

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 06:30 PM PDT

There wont be any ragging at Delhi University this time. According to University Officials several new measures have been taken to counter ragging in and outside University premises.

The university will set up two control rooms in the north and south campuses, said a statement from the varsity issued after a meeting of the proctorial board.

It said colleges have been asked to prevent the entry of outsiders and follow the anti-ragging norms laid out by the Supreme Court.

“Disciplinary squads have been formed in each college and extra vigil is being maintained at all eating joints in the university campus,” the statement said.

Delhi Police will also set up pickets in each college. Police will also patrol sensitive areas of the university.

To provide security to women students, mobile police squads and plain-clothed policewomen will be deployed.

The new students will be asked to fill an anti-ragging affidavit and the university’s FM radio station will air talks with police and university officials against ragging.

Uttarakhand becomes most Tobacco chewing state of India

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 05:30 PM PDT

Among all Indian states, Uttarakhand has the highest percentage of Tobacco Consumers totalling to 30.7 % followed by Jammu Kashmir at 26.6 percent as confirmed by Global Adult Tobacco Survey

“We need to sensitise the public, especially youngsters. It should be a collective measure. Both the central and state governments have taken various measures but we need to keep on emphasising and raise the public awareness to control the tobacco consumption,” said Shakuntla D.Gamlin, joint secretary (public health) in the health ministry, while releasing the data.

The ‘North Region Fact Sheet’ of GATS India surveyed Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Delhi and Chandigarh.

As per the survey, the prevalence of bidi smoking and usage of smokeless tobacco — chewing gutka and pan masala — was found to be highest in Uttarakhand.

The report also indicated Jammu and Kashmir has the highest number of people who smoke cigarettes, but less of those who use smokeless tobacco. The state also has highest number of passive smokers at work places.

“We are acting tough on people who smoke in public places, particularly at work places, we have issued challans to almost 40,000 people this year. The state has also increased VAT from 25 to 30 percent on all tobacco products,” said Surender Mohan, assistant drug controller, Jammu and Kashmir.

The survey also indicated that average monthly expense on smoking was high in Jammu and Kashmir, ranging from Rs.513.60 for cigarettes to Rs.134 for bidi.

The survey also indicated that many have attempted to quit smoking and smokeless tobacco. The attempts to kick the habit were made highest in Haryana and lowest in Delhi.

The Dark Knight Rises makes Heavy First Day Collection in India

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 03:56 PM PDT

The Dark Knight RisesThe Dark Knight Rises had fared pretty well in Indian Cinema especially in South India surpassing many Bollywood Releases this Friday like, Challo Driver, Gattu and Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai.

The Dark Knight Rises opened to a 80-85% response on average, at places it was 100% and at places 50-60% where Hollywood films tend to get lower openings. The opening is on par with The Amazing Spiderman in terms of occupancies but it’s release is not as wide as The Amazing Spiderman

Earlier it had taken a huge advance especially in South India. The advance was better than the Amazing Spiderman in Bangalore and Chennai. Urvashi in Bangalore, Satyam and Ega in Chennai are almost for the first day.

The film may challenge The Amazing Spiderman records at many places across the country. It could be that the English version of The Dark Knight scores over The Amazing Spiderman while the dubbed versions remain lower.

Warner Bros., a unit of Time Warner Inc, said the film took in $30.6 million at screenings just after midnight, but those results could turn lower in the wake of a mass shooting at one showing of the movie in a Denver suburb.

Warner Bros. issued the midnight box office number but had no further comment. It is the second highest midnight screening total ever, behind 2011′s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II,” which raked in $43.5 million in its midnight screenings.

Mandatory 300 Hours Course for Doctors to start Sonography Center

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 03:30 PM PDT

Now Doctors in Country wont be able to start a Sonography center without a mandatory training at a recognized center. This decision was taken by Central Supervisory Board under the chairmanship of Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad to tackle the Female Foeticide.

All MBBS Graduates would have to undergo a 300 Hours Certificate Course, the syllabus for which was approved by the Board.  This syllabus has been proposed by an expert committee of doctors which included experts from the Medical Council of India (MCI).

The course will have to be done from any of the centres of excellence set up by the Central government or at any of the Medical Colleges approved by MCI and institutions approved for DNB degree by the National Board of Examinations.

Addressing the meeting, Azad said the government has been successful in securing the commitment of all states to effectively address the issue of low child sex ratio and thus efforts to curb the menace of foeticide were to be scaled at all levels, including the district level.

Azad said, “We need to focus on turning these commitments into reality so that we have a secure nation for women and girls – across all class, regional and cultural divides. We have stepped up action in districts that have revealed a low child sex ratio based on 2011 Census data to discourage the process of sex determination.”

He said inspections by the National Inspection and Monitoring Committee have been scaled up and various measures ranging from sudden inspections of diagnostic clinics to medical audit of Form-F have been undertaken to strengthen enforcement of the law

Rajasthan first to implement Right to Hearing from Aug 1

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 02:18 PM PDT

Rajasthan is all set to become the first state in Coutry to implement Right to Hearing Act. Rajasthan Government would enforce the act from August 1, which provides right of hearing to people on any grievance or complaint related to governance within stipulated time limits

Functions would be organised at all the district headquarters where ministers in charge of districts will announce the launch.

Right to Hearing Bill-2012 was passed in the Legislative Assembly during budget session this year. The government has issued directives to all the district collectors and other officers to ensure effective implementation of the act.

They have also been directed to read all the provisions carefully and function accordingly in order to redress grievances of people in a time-bound manner.

The PDF version of this Act can be downloaded from here

Why did CBI arrest Acharya Balkrishna ?

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 02:09 PM PDT

Is CBI busy in acting against those who raise voice against Government? Why does Government makes excuse of lack of resources in CBI for solving Murder Mysteries, but behind the scene most of them are employed against those who raise voice against graft.

First Baba Ramdev was attacked in Ram Lila Maidan, and thousands of sleeping people were manhandled by Police. Later his aide Acharya Balakrishna was charged of faking Indian Citizenship. Pressure was mounted on Nepal to produce documents to show that he was a Nepalese citizen. However, the central government’s move backfired when a district magistrate in Nepal gave in writing that Balkrishna was not a citizen of Nepal.

Now Balkrishna has been arrested by CBI after a non-bailable warrant was issued against him by a special court in an alleged fake documents case in Dehra Dun.

Why there is misuse of CBI? Why is there a misuse of Ex-chequer’s Money? While rarely a minister is arrested in any Scam which CBI investigates, Common People are harassed. It is the same CBI which had filed for the Closure of Bofors Scam case before the court. Is Acharya Balkrishna’s Fake Documents are more serious issue than Multi Crore Bofors Scam? If not why is precious CBI resources are spent in probing Politically motivated issues?

Reacting angrily to the arrest of his aide Balkrishna, yoga guru Ramdev today alleged it was meant to weaken his movement against corruption and black money starting next month and the move reflects misuse of CBI. Speaking to reporters here, he said “Balkrishna has been arrested on the orders of those who are protecting the corrupt and it is aimed at weakening my movement starting on August 9.

But this will not affect our morale and the movement will be launched with full force”. Ramdev said his aide’s only crime was that he was with him and alleged he was arrested without giving any chance to present his case before the court.

Ramdev also claimed the degree produced by Balkrishna from Sampurnanand Sanskrit University of Varanisi to obtain Indian passport was genuine. The yoga guru alleged about 15 central ministers were facing serious charges and evidence against them has been submitted. But the government was not bothered as it was engaged in “misusing agency like CBI to book people who are with me”, he charged.

Ramdev’s aide Balkrishna was today arrested by CBI after a non-bailable warrant was issued against him by a special court in an alleged fake documents case in Dehra Dun. Ramdev told mediapersons in Gurgaon that he will fight a legal battle and is going to Dehra Dun tomorrow to meet Balkrishna. Ramdev claimed around 200 MPS have already supported his movement against blackmoney and by August 9, 300-400 MPs would extend their support to him.

Baba Ramdev further added that he would never contest elections. “I will never contest an election…. it’s my “Bhisma pratigya”. But I will keep fighting against the systemic ills.”

When asked if he was going to play a king-maker like ‘Chanakya’, the yoga guru said, “If I say about this, a new row would start.” Wishing luck to Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi who had yesterday said he would play a more active role in the party and the government, Ramdev said “The prince should try to get a strong Lokpal Act passed and bring back black money stashed in foreign banks.”

42 Mumbai Rave Party Accused tested Positive of Drugs

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 01:52 PM PDT

Rave Party Hotel Oakwoods JuhuIPL Players, Rahul Sharma and Wayne Powell have been tested positive for Consuming Drugs during Rave Party Raid at Oakwood Premier Hotel in Juhu on May 20. Infact, 42 out of 44 accused persons have been tested of consuming Drugs.

A maximum of 6 months Jail is permissible in such a crime, which can further be lowered if the Plaintiff assures of not repeating this..

“Of the 44, two females tested negative, while the rest are positive,” Deputy Police Commissioner Pratap Dighaokar told PTI. These 44 people include two IPL cricketers Parnell and Sharma (both played for Pune Warriors India) and 38 women, police sources said.

Indian spinner Rahul Sharma’s participation in the ODI series against Sri Lanka was today thrown into jeopardy after he tested positive for consumption of drugs in a rave party in Mumbai in May, making his arrest inevitable.

On June 22, city police had declared the results of 46 of the 90 people’s blood samples, who attended the party, in which 44 tested positive, police said. Police had on May 20 raided the posh hotel and rounded up 90 patrons, including foreigners, following specific inputs about the presence of drugs at the party. They were let off after their urine and blood samples were taken.

BCCI, however, stood by the cricketer and said it would investigate the matter thoroughly before deciding the future course of action. “I don’t know why everyone is in a mood to execute Rahul Sharma without even going into the details,” BCCI Chief Srinivasan said.

“The BCCI will first procure each and every bit of relevant information and then study them before deciding on the course of action,” he added.

Man sealed Wife’s Private Part with Lock and Key

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 01:17 PM PDT

What may be called as the most cruelsome and bizarre act ever heard of, a man used to insert a lock at her Wife’s Vagina before going to work daily.

According to a report in NDTV, a Woman in Indore was rushed to hospital after having drunk rat Poison. When doctors discovered a lock around her private parts, they informed Police.

Her husband, who works as a mechanic, admitted that he drilled holes into her at home four years ago.  Every morning, before leaving for work, he would insert the lock, taking his key with him.

The couple had been married for 19 years and has five children.

The mechanic has been arrested for cruelty and for voluntarily hurting another person.  He said he wanted to ensure that unlike other women in his family, his wife would not “betray” him.

Abu Hamza to be produced in Mumbai Court

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 11:00 AM PDT

Abu Jundal PhotoAbu Jundal Hamza would be produced at  Mumbai Court for his role in plotting 2008 Mumbai attacks.  A Special Court in Delhi has issued order in this regard.

Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) Vinod Yadav directed the Maharastra Police to take Jundal to Mumbai and produce him in a court Saturday for granting his custody to two different probe agencies in the city.

“I have considered the submission of all the investigating agencies. This accused is required in Mumbai in four cases,” said the court.

The court transferred the custody of the accused to ATS Mumbai for the purpose of production of Jundal before CMM, Mumbai Saturday.

The court said the Mumbai court would consider the comparative merit and the requirement of the accused in the four cases and would grant custody of the accused.

The Mumbai police want Jundal’s custody for his alleged involvement in the 26/11 attack, the 2010 German Bakery blast, the 2006 Aurangabad arms haul case and a plot to attack the Nashik Police Academy.

The court has directed that after completion of the interrogation of the accused in the aforesaid four cases, he be brought back to Delhi so that the issue of handing over of his custody to other agencies may be considered.

The Mumbai police told the court that the accused was required to be confronted with other accused in the Aurangabad case. At present, arguments on framing charges are being heard in this case in a Maharashtra court.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) wants Jundal’s custody as the matter it is probing is prospective — averting another 26/11 strike.

This apart, the Gujarat Police has sought Jundal’s custody in connection with his role in recruiting youth from the state for training in terror camps and a blast at the Kalupur railway station in Ahmedabad in 2006 that left 25 people injured.

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