Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bihar News, Latest News from Bihar, News of Bihar, Biharprabha News

Bihar News, Latest News from Bihar, News of Bihar, Biharprabha News

FDI in Retail to be delayed till all Chief Ministers respond

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 07:30 PM PDT

Indian Government would take the final call on FDI in retail only after knowing the decision of all Federal CMs of the Country. According to Union Commerce Minister Anand Sharma, some Chief Ministers havenot responded on this issue which is delaying the whole process.

Sharma said he would like all chief ministers to state their views on this issue before taking a final decision.

“Since our country is a union of states, we abide by its federal character and, therefore, are bound by the consensus on the issue,” Sharma said.

Asked if the Punjab government had made its stand clear on the issue, Sharma said that state had not commented on it yet.

The ruling Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab had first welcomed FDI in retail sector but later changed its stand and started opposing it.

Gujarat chief secretary AK Joti has said that the state hasn’t taken a decision so far. “I will convey the government’s decision to the Centre when it is taken,” he said.

Bihar’s deputy chief minister Sushil Modi, who is also the state’s finance minister, told ET that the state is unlikely to change its stance on the policy and will oppose any move to allow FDI in multi-brand retail.

“Bihar is a poor state. We have a lot of small traders and poor farmers. Nitish Kumarji (chief minister) has in the past said he is against the policy. And I don’t expect the state to take a different stand now,” Modi said over the phone from Patna. “We will oppose the move as we did in the case of the SEZ Act,” he added.

West Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee is already opposed to any FDI in Retail Sector and is quite unlikely that she would change her stance.

Why did Mulayam Singh Yadav tore his Ballot Paper during President Polls ?

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 06:30 PM PDT

During Presidential Polls, SP Leader Mulayam Singh Yadav first voted for P Sangma but later sought its cancellation and filed a separate vote for Pranab Mukherjee. This is regarded as a high voltage Political Drama to appease both contestants.

As an incident of rare occurrence, it is said that Mulayam Singh put a tick against Sangma’s name on the ballot paper.However, he quickly tore the paper and sought a new ballot paper. He was allowed to use a fresh ballot paper.

Several Questions pop up with this incident. Was it by mistake or a deliberate act? Why did Mulayam had to disclose his Vote? Is second Voting allowed like this?

The official said Mulayam Singh returned his ballot paper to the returning officer, claiming it was torn. He was permitted to use and cast a fresh ballot by returning officer V.K. Agnihotri.

Sangma’s team then submitted a written complaint to Agnihotri, saying that Mulayam Singh’s first ballot and not the second one should be considered.

Member of Sangma’s election campaign team Satpal Jain said the objection was raised as any voter is “not entitled to another ballot” under the law.

“Mulayam Singh Yadav marked his ballot paper in favour of Sangma and then realising his mistake tore it and requested the returning officer to give him another ballot paper, who issued another ballot paper to him. We have objected to the tearing of the first ballot paper and objected to him being given another ballot paper, which he is not entitled to,” Jain said in his complaint.

Jain has also handed over a copy of his complaint to the election observers.

“Fortunately, the first ballot paper has been preserved under a sealed cover with the Returning officer,” he said.

Asked about the complaint, Agnihotri said: “I have sent the complaint to the Election Commission for a decision.”

Amratya sen becomes first Chancellor of Nalanda International University

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 05:30 PM PDT

Former Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Amartya Sen has been appointed as the first Chancellor of Nalanda International University during the Governing body meeting at Patna.

“Decision to appoint Amartya Sen as first chancellor of the university was taken Thursday in its meeting of the board of governors here,” said the official of the state education department.

The meeting also decided that the process of recruitment of acclaimed and renowned faculty for the university will begin in July 2013 and the academic session of its two schools – historical sciences and environment and ecology – will start from April 2014, the official said.

The university in Bihar’s Nalanda district, about 100 km from here, will be fully residential, like the ancient Nalanda university. It will offer courses in science, philosophy and spiritualism along with social sciences

Dead Amarnath Pilgrims faked Medical Clearance Certificates

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 04:30 PM PDT

Sri Amarnath YatraOver 70 People have died during Amarnath Yatra 2012 since past 25 days , but Medical Reports indicate that most of these deaths were natural as Pilgrims were unfit to pursue the Yatra, but somehow faked a Medical Certificate to get clearance.

A group of doctors tasked to find the reasons for large number of Amarnath pilgrims’ death have reported to the Jammu and Kashmir Governor N.N. Vohra that most of the victims were unfit and fudged their medical certificates.

Vohra, who is also chairman of the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) responsible for conduct of the annual Amarnath pilgrimage, “has yet again asked to strictly follow the dos and don’ts and the health advisory for the yatris issued by the shrine board”, a statement issued by the board said.

The release stated that according to the doctors’ report, most of deceased had come ill prepared for the pilgrimage in terms of proper clothing.

Some of the pilgrims believed in a dip in the ice cold water before offering prayers at the cave shrine and some in fasting for three days before – both of which could be fatal, the report said.

Fasting caused low blood sugar which is especially fatal for diabetics, it said.

The report said registered medical practitioners from outside the state had issued medical certificates to unfit pilgrims.

The doctors said that a majority of deaths could be due to high altitude pulmonary oedema (fluid in the lung which causes heart failure) which occurs due to ascent to more than 10,000 feet over a very short period of time.

The victims could also have died of hypothermia – a condition in which core body temperature drops below the required temperature for normal metabolism.

“Meghna Gupta, 24, of Chandigarh and Rajinder Patidar, 30, of Madhya Pradesh lost their lives probably because of hypothermia after having holy dip in the ice cold water,” doctors reported.

Shakuntala Prasad, 59, of Bihar, was a patient of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a very high risk ailment for travel, but unfortunately she also had clearance from a registered medical practitioner, the report said.

Vohra, who chaired a meeting here, to review the progress of the yatra directed doctors to focus on the medical problems of the pilgrims.

Satyamev Jayate Episode 12 to deal with Pollution

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 04:19 PM PDT

Satyameva Jayate Aamir KhanSatyamev Jayate Episode 12 would be the Second last Episode of Satyamev Jayate Season 1 planned and hosted by Bollywood star Aamir Khan. According to hints given by its trailer, Episode 12 of the show would deal with Air or Water  Pollution.

In the exclusive trailer for the show, Aamir asks, People consider food, clothing and shelter to be the foundation of life. But that isn’t true. Watch the trailer below.

Air pollution, poor management of waste, growing water scarcity, falling groundwater tables, water pollution, are some of the major environmental issues India faces today

Several effects of global warming, including steady sea level rise, increased cyclonic activity, and changes in ambient temperature and precipitation patterns, have affected or are projected to affect the subcontinent.


Moreover, the Primary Sponsor  of the Show Aquaguard would find this episode a more commercial sale compelling.


Bangalore to have India’s most advanced Electronics Research Incubator

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 03:30 PM PDT

India’s most advanced Electronics Lab  and  Incubation Center would be coming at Bangalore. Being jointly setup by Jain Group and Seer Akademi, a US based company specializing in Research Education and Incubation, it would cost about $15 Million  to establish.

Under the  joint venture, the two companies plan to set up a satellite centre of the laboratory in Hyderabad. They also propose to establish 20 full-fledged centres across the country.

Srikant Jadcherla, chairman and CEO, Seer Akademi told reporters here that the laboratory was modelled after premier facilities like ITRI in Taiwan and IMEC in Belgium but adapted to the needs of Indian academia and industry.

He said they would have a tie-up with universities to offer to offer MS and PG diploma programs in electronics and computer engineering disciplines such as VLSI, embedded systems, telecommunications, solar PV, core computer science and advanced software engineering/information technology.

T.S. Sudhir, facilitator-techno entrepreneurship initiatives, JGI said there was a severe shortage of manpower in the field of electronics in the country at all levels. According to an estimate, India needs 2.8 million people by 2020 to meet the growing demand.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar abstain from Presidential Polls 2012

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 03:11 PM PDT

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and Deputy CM Sushil Modi including 4 of their Cabinet Collegues did not vote for Presidential Elections 2012.

All six are from the legislative council, whose members are not eligible to vote in the presidential election.

A total of 240 of the 243 legislators of Bihar voted Thursday.

While Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal-United voted for UPA presidential candidate Parnab Mukharjee, Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party legislators cast their votes for his rival Purno Sangma.

An independent legislator also voted for Sangma.

Members of the Rashtriya Janata Dal, Congress and Lok Janshakti Party as well as four independents voted for Mukherjee.

The lone Communist Party of India legislator, Awadhesh Rai, stayed away in line with the party’s decision to abstain. A BJP minister did not vote as he is in London while a JD-U member was ill and did not vote.

Japan for probe into the violence at Maruti’s Manesar Plant

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 02:21 PM PDT

Japan has sought a clear Investigation probe,  and Punishment for those involved in the Violence of Maruti Suzuki’s plant at Manesar Harayana.

“We strongly hope that the State of Haryana would administer, according to law, prompt and just punishment to the perpetrators and effectively enforce law and order so that such incidence would not be repeated in the future,” said a statement from the Japanese embassy.

Maruti is a subsidiary company of Japanese automaker Suzuki Corporation.

“We expect that the Manesar plant will resume its operations and normalcy will be recovered at the earliest,” it added.

One person was killed and over two dozen people were injured in a fire at the plant Wednesday as thousands of protesting workers locked its main gates trapping officials inside, authorities said.

The deceased Maruti official, Awanish Kumar, is a human resources professional with the designation of general manager. His charred body was found on Thursday and identified by his family. Scores of workers and managers were also injured in the violence.

Haryana government officials are believed to be seriously considering recommending a shutdown of the plant after Wednesday night’s violence, easily the country’s worst industrial relations-related incident since 2009 when the vice-president of auto parts maker Pricol was beaten to death by workers in the southern city of Coimbatore.

The company has accused the workers for sparking the fire.

Adarsh Society not a Security threat, says Former Chief Deepak Kapoor

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 10:48 AM PDT

Former Army Chief  Gen. Deepak Kapoor didnot consider Adarsh Housing Society Building as any threat. He said this to a Two-member judicial commission enquiring Adarsh Housing Society scam.

“It did not occur to me that the building would pose a security threat, because there are a number of buildings of similar height in the area,” Kapoor said.

Kapoor retired as the chief of army staff in March 2010. He applied for membership of the society in 2005 and was later allotted a flat in the society. He, however, surrendered his flat in October 2010 after the scam surfaced.

The defence ministry, in a pending petition in the Bombay High Court, has sought demolition of the 31-storey building in upscale Colaba in south Mumbai, saying it poses a threat.

Kapoor’s statement came in response to a question posed by the two-member judicial commission, comprising former Justice J.A. Patil and former state chief secretary P. Subrahmanyam.

“There are a large number of tall structures both in the vicinity of Adarsh building and Colaba military station,” Kapoor told the commission.

“It was for the authority, which has the power to give clearances for construction, to decide whether any threat was being posed by Adarsh,” he added.

The Adarsh scam involves a prime plot on which the 31-storey building was constructed by the society.

On July 4 the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a 10,000-page charge sheet in the case before a special court here, 18 months after the investigative agency registered a case.

Former Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan has also been named as one of the accused in the charge sheet, along with 12 other accused, including former army officials and bureaucrats.


The Adarsh Housing Society is a cooperative society in the city of Mumbai in India. The origins of the scam go back to February 2002 when a request was made to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to allot land in the heart of Mumbai for the construction of a housing complex for “the welfare of serving and retired personnel of the Defence Services.”

Over a period of ten years, top politicians, bureaucrats and military officers proceeded to bend several rules and commit various acts of omission and commission in order to have the building constructed and then got themselves allotted flats in this premier property at artificially lowered prices.

As the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India to the President of India in 2011 put it, “The episode of Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society reveals how a group of select officials, placed in key posts, could subvert rules and regulations in order to grab prime government land- a public property- for personal benefit.

“The Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI), the Income Tax Department and the Enforcement Directorate(ED) are in the process of investigating allegations that three former chief ministers, Sushilkumar Shinde, Vilasrao Deshmukh and Ashok Chavan of the state of Maharashtra were also involved in the scam.

SC asks Police to remove Black Films from all Cars

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 10:32 AM PDT

Supreme Court has taken a dig at Delhi Police for differentiation in implementing the No Black Film Policy on Cars. While rich people have it intact, often Middle Class and Poor are harassed.

“People who are suffering are from the middle class. All the cars belonging to rich people involved in the accidents have their glasses covered by black films,” said the apex court bench of Justice A.K. Patnaik and Justice Swatanter Kumar.

“You better tell your police officers to enforce our order across the board,” Justice Swatanter Kumar told Additional Solicitor General Gourab Banerji.

The court was hearing a batch of applications seeking modification and clarification of its April 27 order banning the use of coloured films on windscreens and window glasses of all vehicles throughout the country.

While reserving its order on all the applications by the manufacturers of the tint films, the court said that according to the rule what was permitted was a glass and nothing could be pasted on it.

The court said that in terms of the Rule 100(2) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, 70 percent visual light transmission (VLT) standard for the front and rear windshield and 50 percent VLT standard for the side windows were related to the manufacture of the safety glasses.

The tint film manufacturers said that the orders were passed without affording them a hearing. They contended that as consequence of this order their business was folding up.

The court said that it had not disturbed the Rule 100(2) but had only interpreted it. The court said that if the manufacturers had any problem with the interpretation then they could approach the law makers.

“If you want to tell us that the rule is not in public interest or otherwise then go to the legislature,” said Justice Patnaik.

The court said that what law permitted was just the glass and nothing could be pasted on it. “There may be better or cheap alternatives to glass but we can do only what the rule says,” the court said.

Senior counsel Soli Sorabjee appearing for Garware Polyester sought the clarification on that part of the judgment which said that “we prohibit the use of black films of any VLT percentage or any other material”.

The court said that it would address the clarification sought by Sorabjee.

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